a taste of honey

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Feast your eyes.

This is the Australian Blue Banded Bee, as viewed through the lens of Mark Berkery.




For me, the sound of a bee bumbling amongst clover, a teaspoon of honey when I didn’t feel well, evokes all that was safe and happy in my childhood.

Of course, you know what came next. Agribusiness, with its pesticides and herbicides. Climate change, with its change in habitats, in seasons. Fewer bees.

A taste of honey is not better than none at all.

Pollination by insects, an ecosystem service of immense economic and conservation importance, depends on synchrony between insect activity and flowering time… Our results demonstrate a significant potential for coevolved plant-pollinator relationships to be disrupted by climatic warming“.

Robbirt, KM, Roberts, DL, Hutchings, MJ & Davy, AJ 2014, ‘Disruption of pollination in a sexually deceptive orchid by climate change’, Current Biology, vol. 24, no…

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