Born in Adelaide, South Australia, I initially trained and worked as a plumber. Using my trade skills and my participation in cycle racing, I began custom designing and building the of racing bicycle frames. This work later extended to the fabrication of wheelchairs.

In 1986 I began studing visual art at the  University of South Australia (1986-1996). My art work developed to include installations, mixed media, photography, interior architecture, the building of  theatre sets and the making of 3D props for advertising companies.

Producing art work for solo and group exhibitions, my installation work has utilised water and pre-cast concrete, mutiple works on paper, silicon on canvas board, and often using an entire gallery space to create environments inhabited by the viewers. Mixed media work may be fabricated from metal, wood or found objects.

My recent photographic images are taken from everyday subjects  found on roads and footpaths while walking or cycling around the city and suburbs of Adelaide.


21 thoughts on “About

  1. I don’t know a lot from Australia – so great to see you! 🙂

    From plumber to artist – you just never know what is inside who. Great stuff.

  2. Hi Dean, I just purchased one of you columbus frames only…..and restored and rebuilt it into a nice racer front fork was missing but i sourced another, would you provide me an email address, would like to send you photos of before and after, regards Tony Hagoort

    • Hi Tony
      Thanks so much for making contact! Great to hear that you are keeping the hand made steel frame tradition going! I haven’t build a frame for possibly 15 years so and I get a kick picking one of my or dad’s (Ron) frames at bike racks and on the road! My email is dean52@adam.com.au and look forward to seeing your handy work.
      Thanks, Dean

  3. Hi Dean, looking for a way of knowing if a bike frame is made by you or your father? Any clues?
    Love your artwork! Oh and apologies if this is tripled up, I just don’t see this post being posted onto your blog. Phil

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