Miss Gladys Sym Choon, Adelaide, 2006

Following on from Twins in 1998 and Psychometric Gathering in 2000, inkblots were re-configured to create linear groupings and large mask-like images of inkblots on the walls as well as printed tee shirts.

Silk-screened tees, 2006

Installation view

Installation view

Mask 1, 2006

Mask 2, 2006

Mask 3, 2006

U got the look, 2006

Detail, U got the look, 2006

Twin Set, 2006

Detail, Twin set, 2006

Praise U, 2006

Psychometric gathering

Contemporary Art Centre Of South Australia, 2000

Following on from Twins in 1998, approximately 6000 more inkblots were made and those with a human form were selected. These figurative inkblots were scaled up onto the gallery walls using other inkblots.

Installation view

Installation view